When is Career Coaching most useful?

When is Career Coaching most useful?

Career coaching can also be beneficial for people who are already working, but who are seeking a change of career or wanting to study further.

Career coaching is particularly useful at the following stages:

In Grade 9, when you need to choose your matric subjects:

  • To identify what you’re passionate about
  • To recognise your academic strengths and weaknesses
  • To expose you to the diversity of job and career options available
  • To make sure you know what subjects are needed for certain careers

In Grades 11 and 12, when you’re thinking about what happens after school:

  • To explore career options that match your interests, values and aspirations
  • To investigate different tertiary institutions and paths of study
  • To plan a smooth transition from school to tertiary institutes or the workplace

Young adults who’re already studying or who’ve taken a gap year:

  • If you’ve chosen the wrong course of study, and are looking to change courses
  • If you’re graduating and soon to be looking for employment
  • If you’ve taken a gap year (or two!) after school, but are still unsure of what career to pursue