What are the benefits of Career Coaching?

What are the benefits of Career Coaching?

It will give your children a far greater sense of independence and responsibility, which is vital for them to make a successful transition into the world of work.

How will Career Coaching benefit me?

For teenagers and young adults, career coaching provides enormous benefits:

  • It will give you a better level of self-awareness and a greater sense of identity
  • You’ll gain a much wider idea of career options that are available to you
  • You’ll be encouraged to take ownership of and responsibility for your own career choices
  • It will reduce the fear and anxiety around managing your future
  • It will give you increased confidence as you make the transition into adulthood

For parents, the cost of your children trying, and not completing, multiple courses of study can be prohibitive. Having your children choose the course of study that is right for them reduces the financial burden of having to pay for different courses of study.